PROGRAMS 2022-2023

SPEAKERS 2022-2023

In-person programs will resume September 8, 2022. Please mark your calendars for the following dates:

September 8, 2022. Victor Vignola – “May 31 – June 1, 1862, Battle of Fair Oaks: The Struggle for the Adams House, Bull Summer’s Glorious Day!”

October 13, 2022. Peter Vermilyea – “The Pine Creek Effect: How Meade’s Contingency Plan Impacted the Battle of Gettysburg.”

November 10, 2022. Phil Schlegel and Mike Bell – “The Second Annual Round Table Challenge!”

December 8, 2022. Mike Bell – “Avenging Angel in Blue: Harriet Tubman in the Civil War.”

January 12, 2023. Noma Petroff – “Ulysses S. Grant: Vera Cruz to Vicksburg, A Watchful Quartermaster Learns Some Lessons.”

February 9, 2023. Jared Peatman – “Dirigo’s Sons: The Twentieth Maine, Joshua Chamberlain, and Little Round Top.”

March 9, 2023. Brandon Bies – “Broken Lives and Shattered Bones: Discovering a Field Hospital at Manassas Battlefield.”

April 13, 2023. Wayne Motts – “Killed at Gettysburg: Connecting the Battlefield with the Museum.”

May 11, 2023. Tom Desjardin – “The Legend of Joshua Chamberlain: The Story of a Civil War Hero We Have Created.”

June 8, 2023. Phil Schlegel – “The Battle of South Mountain.”

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