February 2023

1. In what 1864 battle did Union General Philip Sheridan defeat Confederate General Jubal Early, effectively securing the Shenandoah Valley for the Union?  (ANSWER)

2. This popular daughter of a well-known staunch abolitionist and New Hampshire senator was rumored to be engaged to John Wilkes Booth when he assassinated President Abraham Lincoln. Hers was one of five pictures of women found in Booth’s pockets when he was killed during his capture. Who was she?  (ANSWER)

3. This artillery implement was “a claw-like tool that was used to extract a faulty round if needed. It could also be used to remove fragments of the powder bag after firing, although this was not part of the routine drill.” What was this device called?  (ANSWER)

4. The Republican Party was formed in 1854 and it is well known that in 1860 Abraham Lincoln became the first Republican to be elected President of the United States. Who was the Republican Party’s first candidate for President of the United States? (Hint … he lost to Democrat James Buchanan in the election of 1856.)  (ANSWER)

5. In this critical August 28, 1862, battle Union General James Ricketts failed to prevent Confederate General James Longstreet’s corps from reinforcing General Thomas J. Jackson’s corps at Manassas which directly led to the defeat of Union General John Pope at Second Manassas. What battle was it?  (ANSWER)


Fort Popham was built in Phippsburg, Maine, during the Civil War. Why was it sited at that location? (ANSWER)

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