We had an excellent turnout for Curtis Mildner’s presentation regarding “Maine Regiments at the Battle of Rappahannock Station 1863” at the February 8th meeting of the round table. Curtis’s presentation focused on the critical role of the 5th Maine, 6th Maine, and 20th Maine Regiments, and other key factors, in the short-lived, intense, and decisive Union victory at Rappahannock Station in November 1863.

     Curtis’s presentation also included a particularly interesting segment addressing the meaning and use of flags, during battle and beyond. During the course of battle, the flag was critical to unit communication, aligning to the colors  as it were, and the profound consequence of capturing an enemy flag. Beyond the need for battlefield communication, the flag was also both practical and symbolic; that fighting for the flag was fighting for community. Many thanks to Curtis for providing such an interesting and insightful evening.

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