Following a recent round table meeting I had the pleasure of talking with one of our long-time CWRT members, Steve Bunker. As most of us know, Steve has long been a student of the Civil War, particularly with respect to maritime activities and all things cavalry. Participating in many reenactments, he is an experienced “cavalryman” who, you may recall, recently spearheaded the effort to create and place a monument memorializing the 1st Maine Cavalry in Middleburg, Virginia. While discussing some Civil War trivia, Steve pointed out an interesting detail. Although it is widely accepted that the Battle of Palmito Ranch (Texas, May 12-13, 1865) was the final engagement of the Civil War, Steve convincingly argued that it is more likely that last engagement of the war was the cavalry skirmish at Hobdy’s Bridge near Eufaula, Alabama, on May 19, 1865. Thus, Corporal John W. Skinner of Company C, 1st Florida Cavalry (U.S.) was actually the last soldier killed in action during the war. Interesting, as always!


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