On February 9th the round table enjoyed a superb program featuring Jared Peatman’s examination of “Dirigo’s Sons: The Twentieth Maine, Joshua Chamberlain, and Little Round Top.” Jared’s analysis clearly and concisely addressed the many and varied circumstances that surrounded what he characterized as “the pinnacle moment for the Twentieth Maine and Joshua Chamberlain.” An important aspect of the presentation were various tactical considerations, both Union and Confederate, that significantly impacted the events of July 2, 1863. Human interest factors lent a large measure of authenticity to Jared’s historical account as did his balanced, well-presented appraisal of some of the still controversial aspects of the battle. It was clear from the question-and-answer segment and post-program conversation that Jared’s extensive grasp of the subject was both enjoyable and interesting for the members and friends present. It was a truly pleasant evening.

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