Dan Cunningham

     In December my wife Lucy and I attended a concert performed by the Greater Freeport Community Chorus at the Brunswick United Methodist Church. The church is located on Church Road in Brunswick. During the intermission I noticed the stained-glass window pictured here. When I saw it, I thought that Levi must have died in 1864 and the church had dedicated a window in his memory. After some investigation I found that my assumption was wrong.

     My curiosity took me to the “Find a Grave” website where I learned that Levi not only survived the war, but lived to be 70 years old, dying on January 6, 1910. According to the “Find a Grave” website, he was born in Brunswick, where he lived nearly all his life. After the war he was engaged in the livery stable business at several locations in town. He sold the business in 1892 but, sadly, during the last several years of his life he became increasingly disabled.

     As to why there is a stained-glass window bearing his name, I learned that Levi was an active member the Brunswick Methodist Church and, shortly before he died, Levi donated the window to the church. So, as it turned out, the dates “1861-1864” reflect the dates of his military service, having enlisted in Company F, 1st Maine Cavalry, on October 19, 1861, and mustered out on November 25, 1864.

     Levi is buried at Pine Grove Cemetery in Brunswick which is the same cemetery where Joshua Chamberlain is buried.

 Note: The “Find a Grave” reference can be viewed at:


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