Secretary of the Treasury Salmon P. Chase. Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, Civil War Photographs, reproduction number LC-DIG-cwpb-05620. (Cropped for presentation.)

     Please check to see that your annual dues are up to date. Members are asked to renew annually, during the month they joined the round table. Your dues are critical to ensuring that our round table will remain a viable organization. The current dues structure remains the same as previous years: individual memberships at $25, family memberships at $35, and student memberships at $15. Additional contributions are welcome and most appreciated. A downloadable renewal form is located at the “How To Join” tab of the website. Dues can be remitted to the Chamberlain CWRT, PO Box 1046, Brunswick ME 04011-1046 or at the door as you arrive for the September meeting. Please renew now!

rev. 12/30/2022
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