An organization is only as vibrant and healthy as its committed members and the leadership that is drawn from among them.

Soon our program director (Bill Attick) will begin his search for speakers and program ideas for 2022-2023.  Moreover, sometime in March/April nominations for board positions are required.  For the last several years the current board of trustees has shepherded the round table through financial challenges and the current pandemic with diligence and determination.

Through it all, First Call on the website brought you history, features, news of the organization, and announcements.  During the pandemic, programs via Zoom were arranged.  Bills still were paid, banking went on, and many of you continued to submit membership dues.  Thank you.

Now that we are back at Curtis Library, doors need to be unlocked and later locked; chairs need to be set up beforehand.  It is important to have several board members know how set up and operate the audio-visual system for speakers.  Newspapers need to be contacted for upcoming programs.  Someone must staff the table for donations and raffle tickets.  Bills still need to be paid and features still need to be written.  The organization is fortunate to have a dedicated group and much appreciation is offered to all those members, who generously have given of their time and talents.  But it is now time for others to fill some of the board member roles and to offer fresh ideas for continued growth and development of the round table. I am sharing my thoughts with you this month because my position of JLCCWRT secretary will be open as of June 2022.  Perhaps there will be others.  It is necessary for other round table members to step up. Please consider a candidacy for any of the board member positions by contacting our president (Steve Garrett), any of the board members, or by email to

The future of the organization rests with you, our members.


Carol Manchester

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