We did it! The Chamberlain Round Table began meeting via Zoom for our November 2020 meeting. In November, we were pleased to have Susan Bowditch with us to discuss the history of racism in America. In December, we enjoyed Mike Bell’s presentation that examined the often overlooked subject of President Lincoln’s New England connections. We are looking forward to additional relevant programs and exploring new insights into the study of Civil War history.

It looks like the Chamberlain Round Table will meet remotely using the Zoom platform for awhile longer. Getting set up is quite easy. Find the app and install it. Round table members will get an email invitation before each meeting and away we go! Once we get a few remote meetings under our belts, it will become second nature. If you want to enjoy the kind of programming we are known for, for the time being Zoom is the means to get access. To paraphrase Admiral Farragut: “Damn the computer glitches … full speed ahead!”

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