The Chamberlain Round Table trustees are pleased to announce that plans are in motion to resume monthly meetings remotely (via Zoom) beginning November 12. In the near future, our secretary will email Chamberlain Round Table members specific information and instructions on how to access the presentation.


The speaker for the November 12 Zoom meeting will be Susan Bowditch:


Eradicating racism is on the conscience of many Americans today, much like it was at the beginning of Reconstruction, nearly 150 years ago. The trigger that finally set off our current concern was, of course, the killing of George Floyd. In order to not only capture this moment, but also understand it, we need to go back in time to the beginnings of racism—to the Atlantic Slave Trade—and work our way forward.

Susan Bowditch spent 7 years in Ghana, West Africa mostly in the town of Cape Coast. It was there that she began research on the Atlantic Slave Trade re: two UNESCO Heritage Sites: Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle. Both had been legitimate trading sites, but the former underground warehouses of each became holding pens for enslaved persons awaiting ships to the Americas. Susan has been teaching at Midcoast Senior College about the consequences of slave trading for several years, including courses on the Atlantic Slave Trade, racism, white privilege, systemic racism and reparations. Susan lives in Topsham.

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